About Us

What you need to know about Cornerstone Aid International.

Our History

Cornerstone Aid International (CAI) is a national non-governmental anti-human trafficking and charity organization founded 9 December, 2015. It was established basically to combat and eradicate human trafficking in the country, this was as a result of the fact that the act of human trafficking (especially the unsuccessful ones) mostly result in home terrorism, isolation, depression and many more. In this regard, the need to rehabilitate and embrace victims back into the society is very necessary; this is the very ideology behind the establishment of CAI.

The organization decided to register as a Non-governmental organization in Ghana in order to facilitate engagement with its external and local partners to implement its development projects targeted at upgrading the livelihoods of its target groups and communities.

What we do

We are actively engaged in awareness campaigns aimed at sensitizing the youth on the dangers of being trafficked and illegal migration through the desert and the Mediterranean sea. Cornerstone Aid International is concerned about the negative impact of human trafficking on its victims, recognizing their needs and addressing these needs through suitable skill training and education that would help them to be independent.

Our Mission

Locally, nationally and internationally, Cornerstone Aid International, an anti-human trafficking group is a vocal advocate on the dangers of human trafficking and illegal migration through the desert and the Mediterranean sea.


1. Anti-human trafficking group advocacy
2. Access to clean water.
3. Women empowerment.
4. Cater for the needs of poor & disabled.
5. Promote local and international tourism.
6. Access to quality education for all
7. Campaign against the use of illicit drugs, mostly among the youths


For individual and bodies looking for membership and volunteering opportunities, you are welcome to join us


Membership Rules

1. Membership is open to both local and international bodies irrespective of color, creed or religion.
2. Membership is open to every person who is interested in social and economic development of mankind.
3. Only the executive committee can approve membership.
4. There are two type of membership; ordinary membership and life membership